Ethics for Professionals


In the post Enron age, corporate governance and ethics have become a major concern and is emerging as a strategic advantage for many companies. Top performing organizations have place ethics and governance responsibilities at the highest levels of corporate operations and governance. The Ethics Office is a fast growing career opportunity.

Professional Ethics is designed for leaders and decision makers in business and government who need to create and manage a culture of ethics and responsibility for their organization.


Using a workshop venue, the course presents ethics as a method for evaluating a person’s character and the quality of their thinking. We will explore the relation between law and ethics, and the major approaches to ethical thinking. The goal is to present an 11-step method and the criteria used to evaluate the ethics of any decision or action.

Using real business cases from public and private sectors, students will apply the 11-step method to evaluate a case, and present their evaluation to the class for review and critique.

What You Will Learn

  • The fundamentals of ethics
  • How law and ethics compare and contrast
  • The major approaches to ethical reasoning
  • The “rules” of ethical evaluation as a quality system
  • The 11-step method for evaluating an ethically questionable situation and coming to a resolution of the issues involved (i.e. what you should do to mitigate ethical criticism)

Training Outcomes

This course is primarily targeted at anyone who is in a leadership position for implementing and managing a culture of ethics and accountability in their organization, as well as decision makers who are in positions where ethical sensitivity is a requirement.


Training Overview

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