Ethics for Health Care Professionals


Health care practitioners work in a particularly ethically sensitive environment where critical decisions need to be made with the highest integrity and quality of thinking. What health care practitioners need is a method for quickly sorting through ethical requirement as well as potential constraints to ensure an ethically viable approach to health services.


This course is taught primarily through lectures and case studies but also includes readings and workshops. The course is divided into 4 parts.

  1. The first part presents an overview of ethical theory and concepts relevant to Healthcare professionals.
  2. Part two will examine the pillars of character, and the relationship between the key ethical principles in the context of professional-patient relations. The main principles include:
    • Respect for Autonomy;
    • Principle of Nonmaleficence;
    • Principle of Beneficence;
    • Principle of Justice,
  3. Part three will outline ethical decision frameworks and provide templates for making ethical decisions and measuring results.
  4. Part four will outline an implementation roadmap for a sound organizational culture, strategic instruments, and policy deployment

What You Will Learn

  • Be able to articulate the basics of ethical theories and the pillars of character;
  • Analyse a health care situation using the ethical decision framework matrix to arrive at a supportable ethical result;
  • Indicate the key measures that would be needed to evaluate the success of an ethical decision and measures to avoid repeat incidents;
  • Articulate how to implement a roadmap towards an ethically sound organization and culture.

Training Outcomes

This course is primarily targeted at health care practitioners, as well as health care administrators and decision makers.


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