Setup Time Reduction


Setup Time Reduction is the process of reducing changeover time (i.e., from the last good piece of the previous run to the first good piece of the next run). Since setup activities add no marketable form, fit, or function to the product, they are by definition non-value adding. By reducing setup time toward Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED), more setups can be completed each day. SMED is a systematic approach to reducing changeover times to less than ten minutes. This allows batch size reduction, which is critical for flow and improves manufacturing flexibility.

Among the many benefits are:

  • Shorter lead times
  • Less material waste
  • Fewer defects
  • Less inventory
  • Smaller space requirements
  • Higher productivity
  • Greater flexibility
  • Increased capacity

Through the setup reduction process, you will find that some operations that are done during setup can be completed prior to setup. Other functions can be eliminated entirely. And some functions simply need to be streamlined. Decreases in setup time of 50% or better are common. And that impacts your ability to meet deadlines, adjust to uncontrollable demand and increase the throughput in your organization.

This 1 day course is designed to provide participants with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to begin implementing setup reduction.


At this workshop, you will understand what you can do offline to make set-ups/changeovers go even more efficiently.

Start Improvements Immediately

The Set-up Reduction Workshop provides specific, key steps to implement techniques that can drastically improve the way your business runs. You’ll also leave with a solid understanding of how Set-up Reduction fits in with other facets of creating a lean manufacturing business.

The whole production and operations teams from CEOs, presidents and financial managers to people on the shop floor will benefit from Set-up Reduction. Sending a team to the workshop gets everyone on the same page and allows you to organize a team to work on your set-up reduction efforts.

What You Will Learn

The course teaches the 4 phases of set-up reduction:

  1. Maintenance, Organization and Housekeeping It often happens that setup problems are related to poor maintenance such as worn parts, worn tooling, dirt, or damaged threads. Disorganization and poor housekeeping are also contributors to setup problems. These are easy to fix and should be a first step.
  2. Internal Elements to External Internal elements occur when the machine is down. Examine each internal element and see if it cannot be done externally. For example, the pre-heating of an injection molding die could be done before it goes into the machine.
  3. Improve Elements Here we examine every element to see how we can eliminate it, simplify it, reduce the time required or improve it in some other way.
  4. Eliminate Adjustments Adjustments are often the most time consuming, frustrating and error prone parts of a setup. There are many ways to eliminate them entirely and this is the ultimate goal.

Training Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize good methods and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Define a Best Method for doing a job.
  • Understand various ways to document and analyze your current methods.
  • Understand several structured approaches to generating method improvement ideas.
  • Understand and apply specific strategies for reducing setup/changeover times.

Who should attend:

  • Supervisors
  • Setup Technicians
  • Operators
  • Engineers
  • Maintenance


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SatiStar's Experience Makes The Difference!

  • . . . worked extremely well with the departmental and site managers . . . goal oriented and met the objectives set within the quoted budget and ensured the results were attained for the Company.

  • The guys from SatiStar did more in one week than we were able to do in 6 months.

  • Achieving ISO registration was far less onerous than we thought, our employees really rallied to the cause. The registration effort really brought us closer together as a team, and SatiStar really came through for us when we needed them.

  • We started this process a year ago with Mickey helping us create a spaghetti map of our processes on the whiteboard, and then his team guided us through their streamlining methodology and got us to where we are today. Our processes now look nothing like the spaghetti map – and we’re much more efficient today

  • This projected cycle time reduction of over 80% annual cost savings amounting to over 3% of sales, one-time savings of roughly $10 million, and working capital reduction of roughly $30 million really have us excited!

  • An outstanding success with Motorola’s vendor audit! What made this an exceptional achievement is that it typically takes 4 to 5 attempts to pass this audit. SatiStar’s expertise made it easy to avoid all the extra attempts.