Improved Toolkit!

We’ve expanded our toolkit to include the creation of Work Instructions, and the development of customized electronic forms […]

New Toxic Substance Reduction Regulations

Ontario’s Toxic Substance Reduction Act and Regulation 455/09 have come into force, with submissions due December 31, 2013 […]

Successful Registration of Pharmaceutical Giant!

The 11 Canadian sites of a multinational pharmaceutical giant have been successfully registered to ISO9001:2008 on their first […]

Finance FMEA Audit Mitigates Bank Risk

SatiStar’s team have been helping a major Fortune 100 financial services company assess, prioritize and mitigate their Information […]

Ontario Risk Audit Success!

SatiStar’s consultants have assisted the Government of Ontario implement new risk-based audit processes within the Electrical, Construction and […]

Mistake-Proofing in Aviation Maintenance

Our trainers have developed and delivered risk-based Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance training to major aerospace organizations. This […]