Ideal Roofing is a manufacturer of sheet metal roofing products, that operates a trucking fleet to deliver their products to job-sites throughout Northeastern America. Based in Ottawa, this family run business chose SatiStar to help them achieve ISO registration. This project started as usual with an initial plan for completion within 6 months, however because of severe personal circumstances for our client, SatiStar was asked to complete the entire project within 1 week.

“The SatiStar people really came through for Guy (Laplante) and proved that they are decent human beings who went way beyond the call of duty to get us our ISO 9000.” — Rob Miron, Quality Coordinator.

  • With the commitment and support of all Ideal’s 170 employees and QMI’s personnel, SatiStar achieved the impossible—Ideal Roofing was registered in 4 days!
  • No sophisticated business systems, English and French languages used.
  • Ideal’s total sales revenue jumped dramatically by about 38% as a direct result of their ISO9000 registration
  • Project demonstrated phenomenal cooperation and an outstanding relationship between SatiStar and QMI
  • Ideal has contracted with SatiStar for on-going maintenance of their quality system
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