Based in Ottawa’s “Silicon Valley,” Capulum is a manufacturer of connector cables for the electronics and communications industry. Capulum employs 100 people, of which about 90% are Vietnamese, with little or no ability to communicate in English. SatiStar’s major achievements during this intervention, include:

  • Before SatiStar’s involvement, Capulum had been working with another consultant for 6 months on their ISO 9000 effort, with no results except for two training course manuals.
  • SatiStar’s team of four consultants spent one week and wrote the quality manual—including the work level instruction procedures. The completed manual was submitted to QMI on the following Monday, and accepted one week later
  • Achieved ISO9002 registration within 3 months
  • Capulum passed their audit on the first attempt & was recommended for registration immediately
  • SatiStar subsequently won a retainer contract to provide training in Continuous Improvement and Internal Auditing, and to maintain their ISO 9002 system.
  • The President of Capulum was so impressed with SatiStar that he personally recommended us to, and sold our services to 6 other Ottawa based firms (we actually landed all of these contracts).
  • Capulum’s sales revenue increased by roughly 30% as a result of their ISO registration.
  • Capulum’s ISO 9002 registration enabled the owners to sell the firm for roughly 3 times the previously assessed value

“The guys from SatiStar did more in one week than we were able to do in 6 months.”—Jim Wood, President.

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