Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)


This structured approach to risk analysis was originally developed by NASA, and can be used to minimize risk across all manufacturing, service and administration processes. Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a Risk Assessment / Risk Management (RA/RM) tool used to bullet-proof processes. It works by identifying those potential and actual failure modes that are likely to have significant performance impact.

Scope And Deliverables

The FMEA process involves creating an action plan that proactively addresses potential causes of failure, thereby minimizing the overall risk of failure. The specific action plan also helps ensure that risk mitigation is sustainable. FMEA will also result in improved process controls such that your ability to measure and detect process problems will be enhanced. This methodology is very efficient in terms of the use of resources to improve processes, as it assesses relative risk for all failure modes, and promotes a lean and rational approach to risk assessment, risk mitigation and risk acceptance.

Through the process of executing high-quality FMEAs, your organization will have generated an action plan that will deliver significant process improvement for the targeted business processes.

SatiStar’s FMEA program will transfer capability to your team, such that they can use FMEA thinking and methods effectively in the future to achieve similar results on their own.

The overall outcome is to achieve improved organizational capability enabling you to sustain aggressive and ongoing improvement by means of FMEA methods.

What We Will Do

SatiStar’s FMEA program:

FMEA Project Planning – Establish FMEA projects and document project charter

  • Target processes identified
  • Establish performance metrics and targets
  • Select FMEA team leaders
  • Select FMEA team members
  • Collect necessary data from targeted processes.
  • 2-day FMEA workshop (30% Theory, 60% FMEA on targeted process, 10% post-workshop presentation and planning)

FMEA Analysis & On-going Support

  • FMEA team leaders kick-off post-workshop activities
  • FMEA “experts” selected as internal resources
  • SatiStar facilitates FMEA analysis sessions
  • SatiStar provides technical coaching on FMEA methodology
  • FMEA documents submitted, reviewed by SatiStar and revised
  • FMEA documents (Analysis stage) approved, FMEA resource team given support and coaching

New FMEA projects & team identification

  • Management support & approval sought and received for new FMEA projects
  • Program sustainability built

What We Need You To Do

FMEA “Analysis” Presentation

  • Teams prepare “FMEA analysis presentation” SatiStar provides assistance
  • Teams present to management for Review/ Revision/ Approval with SatiStar in attendance

Risk Mitigation and “Results” Presentation

  • Action plans implemented
  • Performance improvements monitored
  • Teams prepare “FMEA Results Presentation” with SatiStar’s assistance
  • Teams present to management for Review/ Revision/ Approval with SatiStar in attendance
  • Presentation includes FMEA program recommendation including next project


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SatiStar's Experience Makes The Difference!

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