Work Instruction Writing


Policies document organizational intent, while procedures are used to document the general tasks of how a policy will be realized.  Work instructions describe the details of the specific steps necessary to fulfill the general tasks described in procedures.

The degree and extent to which work instructions are required by an organization depends on the complexity of the process, the education, experience, knowledge and skills of the workforce running that process, the severity of the potential impact of that process on your customers’ processes, and the existence within that process of process controls (other than work instructions).

Work instructions are also created because of some external requirement including quality, environmental, or health and safety compliance.  The optimal way to write procedures and work instructions is to interview the people who touch the process and create a process flow diagram (also called a process map, task map or workflow) of the process from start to finish (inputs to outputs).  Next, we convert this information into electronic format using software such as Microsoft Visio.  We then create a document that defines the Purpose, Scope, Responsibilities, Process (where we attach the process maps), other related documents including Forms and Checklists, Records, Approvals.

In contrast to how work instructions are normally written in most organizations (usually step-by-step and quite wordy), SatiStar’s use of process flow diagrams eliminates many pages of text.   Next, we verify that the new instructions match reality by confirming them with the people who actually do the work.  Finally, after a thorough editing of the document, it is submitted to your management team for approval.

Our personnel have experience in writing documents for manufacturing, service and administrative processes.

Scope And Deliverables

  • The creation and delivery of process-based work instructions for defined processes
  • SatiStar, aided by the client’s employees, develop process flow diagrams (PFDs) of the processes ranging from the receipt of incoming raw materials or information through all steps of the production or service delivery processes to the final steps involved in packaging, labeling, storing and shipping product and services.
  • As we are documenting your processes we may identify some opportunities for improvement, which we’ll bring to your attention.

What We Will Do

  • Provide customized work instruction and other relevant templates, including those for quality alerts, assembly and test instructions, etc.
  • SatiStar provides data collection instructions for clients who want to do it themselves.
  • For more complex or very detailed work instructions, we can incorporate photos of your people performing the specific steps
  • Conduct interviews and create PFDs
  • PFDs are provided to you for validation and feedback, after which we’ll make any required revisions.
  • Review any exiting materials, documentation and photos provided by the client
  • Collect forms, and other documents required by the process
  • Create work instructions for the processes determined by the client by compiling the following relevant data:
    • Process Flow Diagrams
    • Photos of process steps
    • Forms
    • Health and safety requirements
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Revise all documents based on your feedback
  • We can optionally also train your employees on using the new work instructions

What We Need You To Do

  • Provide access to your facilities and personnel for the process mapping activities
  • Assign personnel as needed to support project activities.
  • Ensure availability of relevant personnel for the process mapping and data collection activities
  • Collect, compile and organize all existing related documentation.  Relevant documents include:
    • Photos of process steps
    • Defective / in-spec product and processes
    • Statutory, regulatory and standards information
    • Customer Requirements
    • Internal production standards
    • Existing work instructions
  • Provide us with required supplemental information
  • Review and revise work instructions received from SatiStar.
  • Post the finished work instructions!


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SatiStar's Experience Makes The Difference!

  • . . . worked extremely well with the departmental and site managers . . . goal oriented and met the objectives set within the quoted budget and ensured the results were attained for the Company.

  • The guys from SatiStar did more in one week than we were able to do in 6 months.

  • Achieving ISO registration was far less onerous than we thought, our employees really rallied to the cause. The registration effort really brought us closer together as a team, and SatiStar really came through for us when we needed them.

  • We started this process a year ago with Mickey helping us create a spaghetti map of our processes on the whiteboard, and then his team guided us through their streamlining methodology and got us to where we are today. Our processes now look nothing like the spaghetti map – and we’re much more efficient today

  • This projected cycle time reduction of over 80% annual cost savings amounting to over 3% of sales, one-time savings of roughly $10 million, and working capital reduction of roughly $30 million really have us excited!

  • An outstanding success with Motorola’s vendor audit! What made this an exceptional achievement is that it typically takes 4 to 5 attempts to pass this audit. SatiStar’s expertise made it easy to avoid all the extra attempts.