Few people naturally work well in teams, but all can be trained in methodologies that encourage teamwork. Along with the training, SatiStar’s personnel are able to facilitate teams to successful delivery of sustainable results.

Scope And Deliverables

Teamwork is the concept of people working together cooperatively, as in a sports team. Large ambitious organizational goals usually require that people work together, so teamwork has become an important concept in organizations.

Effective teams are an intermediary goal towards getting good, sustainable results. Organizations today have been increasing efforts through training and cross-training to help people to work together more effectively and to accomplish shared goals.

The old structures are being reformed. As organizations seek to become more flexible in the face of rapid environmental change and more responsive to the needs of customers, they are experimenting with new, team-based structures.

Skills needed for teamwork

Aside from any required technical proficiency, a wide variety of social skills are desirable for successful teamwork, including:

  • Listening – it is important to listen to other people’s ideas. When people are allowed to freely express their ideas, these initial ideas will produce other ideas.
  • Questioning – it is important to ask questions, interact, and discuss the objectives of the team.
  • Persuading – individuals are encouraged to exchange, defend, and then to ultimately rethink their ideas.
  • Respecting – it is important to treat others with respect and to support their ideas.
  • Helping – it is crucial to help one’s coworkers, which is the general theme of teamwork.
  • Sharing – it is important to share with the team to create an environment of teamwork.
  • Participating – all members of the team are encouraged to participate in the team.

Team development

The forming-storming-norming-performing model takes the team through four stages of team development and maps quite well on to many project management life cycle models, such as initiation – definition – planning – realization.

As teams grow larger, the skills and methods managers must use to create or maintain a spirit of teamwork change. The intimacy of a small group is lost, and the opportunity for misinformation and disruptive rumors grows. Leaders find that communication methods that once worked well are impractical with many people to lead. Specifically, leaders might encounter difficulties based on Daglow’s Law of Team Dynamics: “Small teams are informed. Big teams infer.”

Team-building refers to the process of establishing and developing a greater sense of collaboration and trust between team members. Interactive exercises, team assessments, and group discussions enable groups to cultivate this greater sense of teamwork. Team-building has many contexts, for example in sport clubs and work organizations.

Team building ingredients

Ingredients seen as important to the successful set-up and launch of such team efforts include:

  • selection of participants
  • establishing visions, goals, missions and/or objectives
  • distribution of workload
  • timetabling
  • balancing skill-sets
  • allocation of roles within the team
  • metrics
  • harmonizing personality types
  • training on how to work together

The morale of the team, an important variable, may depend on such factors as:

  • support
  • resources
  • communication
  • personalities

As team performance reflects on management, leaders sometimes feel the need to take part in constructing and fostering teams, even if they don’t know what to do. SatiStar’s consultants can provide your leaders with guidance that is critical to the success of this effort, and enable your leadership team to really shine!

What We Will Do

  • Provide an intensified focus that increases the energy of your group.
  • An objective, neutral, fresh perspective that helps to re-instill effective group dynamics.
  • Focused techniques that overcome complex obstacles such as handling conflict and heated debates, as well as skills to handle meeting manipulators, ramblers and other disfunctional behavior.
  • Assistance in reaching desired outcomes.
  • A genuine interest in your issues and goals, and a collaborative style that seeks a win/win solution for all team members.
  • An appreciation for the value of your time and effort.
  • The focus that the group needs to get the job done
  • Guidance on the selection of suitable team projects.
  • Facilitate projects to successful completion.
  • Provide individualized coaching support for the team leaders.
  • Provide coaching and support for the presentation of recommendations and results to senior management.

What We Need You To Do

  • Provide us with the names of team members as well as their background.
  • Ensure availability of team members for team activities.
  • Provide us with information regarding the desired outcomes and the expected timeline for the team’s efforts.
  • Provide us with your improvement methodology, or agree to use ours.
  • Ensure suitable meeting space and materials.
  • Review and if appropriate, approve the teams’ recommendations for improvement.
  • Implement the actions as approved.


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SatiStar's Experience Makes The Difference!

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  • This projected cycle time reduction of over 80% annual cost savings amounting to over 3% of sales, one-time savings of roughly $10 million, and working capital reduction of roughly $30 million really have us excited!

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