Skills Development


Too often people are thrust into a job with little or no training. We’ll help identify skills gaps and then assist in developing your employees.

Upgrading a specific skill can be as simple as getting a co-worker to show you how, or as complicated as taking a number of courses. SatiStar’s training consultants can help sort out what’s needed:

  • assess current skill set of employees
  • identify additional skills that they may need
  • provide options for acquiring the skill.

Scope And Deliverables

Skills Management is the practice of understanding, developing and deploying people and their skills. Well-implemented skills management should identify the skills that job roles require, the skills of individual employees, and any gap between the two.

The skills involved are usually defined in terms of a skills framework, also known as a competency framework or skills matrix. This consists of a list of skills, and a grading system, with a definition of what it means to be at a particular level for a given skill.

To be most useful, skills management needs to be conducted as an ongoing process, with individuals assessing and updating their recorded skill sets regularly. These updates should occur at least as frequently as employees’ regular line manager reviews, and certainly when their skill sets have changed.

SatiStar’s skills management systems record the results of this process in a database, and allow analysis of the data.

Skills management provides a structured approach to developing individual and collective skills, and gives a common vocabulary for discussing skills. In addition to this general benefit, three groups of employees receive specific benefits from skills management:

  • Individual Employees: As a result of skills management, employees should be aware of the skills their job requires, and any skills gaps that they have. Depending on their employer, it may also result in a personal development plan (PDP) of training to bridge some or all of those skills gaps over a given period.
  • Line Managers: Skills management enables managers to know the skill strengths and weaknesses of employees reporting to them. It can also enable them to search for employees with particular skill sets (e.g. to fill a role on a particular project).
  • Organization Executives: A rolled-up view of skills and skills gaps across the organization can enable your leadership team to see areas of skill strength and weakness. This enables them to plan for the future against the current and future abilities of staff, as well as to prioritize areas for skills development.

What We Will Do

  • Create a full listing of employees and their formal and informal reporting relationships.
  • Determine accountability of employees for critical deliverables. This includes direct and indirect accountability, as well as the urgency of the deliverable.
  • Rank employees in terms of their versatility – their ability to do many different jobs.
  • Assess the current skill set of each relevant employee.
  • Assess the demand for the skills of the job in the marketplace.
  • Determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT)
  • Create a guidance document for transitioning from current to future state (including repositioning, recruitment, outsourcing, re-training, reorganizing, etc).
  • Provide the assessment report to your leadership team.
  • Where SatiStar has the ability, we’ll provide your employees with the needed skills training.
  • If we can’t provide the training, we’ll assist you to select the best source for the training.
  • Monitor and provide feedback to your leadership team on progress in overall upgrading of skills.

What We Need You To Do

  • Provide us with access to employee files, including relevant confidential files.
  • Provide us with access to all relevant employees, including management.
  • Complete requested skills inventory checklists in a timely manner.
  • Ensure timely review and approval of submitted action plans.
  • Implement approved actions in a timely manner.


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