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Principles of Continuous Improvement

This 2-day, customer-focused course provides participants with a methodology for rapidly improving business processes across the entire organization. Participants learn how to participate on multi-functional, multi-level teams targeting a wide spectrum of improvement opportunities. This methodology, used world-wide, provides a reliable approach for achieving world class performance improvement and employee involvement. Continuous Improvement teams are often used to complement Lean Manufacturing efforts, and to address the corrective / preventive action and customer complaint requirements of many formal management standards, including ISO9000, TS16949 and ITIL / ISO20000.

This course provides the core process improvement concepts and tools needed by teams to assure performance improvement is reliably and efficiently achieved. Our structured, 10 Step™ CI methodology aids in the correct use of the tools irrespective of the project, and facilitates the uniform application of these tools across the organization.

Dr. Juran’s methods and Dr. Deming’s simple statistical tools, integrated into our 10 Step™ CI methodology, are used to provide a powerful, customer–focused methodology suitable for both simple and complex projects.

The course addresses team roles and dynamics and team-building techniques to facilitate employee participation on CI teams. Class exercises give participants the chance to try out their new skills. Intensive coaching, group reviews and team feedback sessions are provided to reinforce the correct application of 10 Step™ CI principles and techniques.

Many of our clients interested in rapid improvement send project teams to our CI workshops. Team members begin project planning within the workshop, and can “hit the ground running” as soon as they return to work.

What You Will Learn:
  • Project selection and planning
  • Enlisting team sponsors, leaders, team members and customers
  • Team-based skills and techniques
  • Process mapping
  • Cause and effect analysis
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Creating, implementing and sustaining innovative solutions
  • CI project implementation within your company
  • Training Outcomes:
    With an average savings of $30,000 per CI project, this training provides a huge and rapid return on the investment. Graduates will have the skills needed to become an effective member of a CI team, and will be able to use a structured improvement methodology to achieve and implement high quality, sustainable improvement solutions.



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